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Premium Freeze-Dried Figs (Ready To Eat) (50g)

Premium Freeze-Dried Figs (Ready To Eat) (50g)

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premium freeze dried figs

About Premium Freeze-Dried Figs (50g)

Figs are superfoods: although figs are somewhat exotic to most of us, the succulent little fruit with its seeds inside its flesh is very nutritious. While it's high in natural sugars, it also has the distinction of containing rich sources of manganese, fiber and antioxidants. Freeze Dried fig contains even more nutritional value than fresh, perfect for our modern “on the go” lifestyle.💪

Such a convenient and delicious bite-sized snack for a delicious and nutritious treat!

This item is manufactured with an innovative freeze-drying technique that keep all the natural flavours intact. It's so beautiful❤️

premium freeze dried figs

Freeze Dried Jujube Red Dates come with only limited pack, in a limited time offer, so shop now before it's too late! 🔥🔥🔥

Our freeze-dried figs are

✅ 100% all natural.

✅ Full-flavored & crunchy

✅ Vegan-friendly

✅ Muslim friendly

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