Make a Purchase

How do I enjoy the extra benefits of Fu Kitchen? 

First, sign up as a subscriber, then create an account. It’s FREE! You can receive further discount via promo code, new product testers, or special deals if you have your account with us.

Do I need to sign up or create an account before I order? 
Yes and No but Why not? As a subscriber and having an account with us you can almost INSTANTLY enjoy Super Saver’s price, sign up & create one account now, it’s FREE! 

    What are the payment methods available?
    We accept credit card, debit card, online banking. If you do not know how to make the payment, no worries, you can always contact us, we are ready to help.

    Can I change my order or add on/remove items once it’s placed?
    Once your order has been confirmed, it is not possible for us to change. Please double check your orders while at the check out page.  

    I gave you a wrong mailing address or phone number. Can I amend the order details?
    Yes, but please do let us know ASAP. Once our team start to process your order, no changes is allowed.  Please contact us through FB Messenger or call 0103881991  (what's app) or email gamsales2@gmail.com


    How much is the shipping fees? 
    We offer so far the affordable shipping rate

    *RM 10 for West Malaysia. FREE Shipping once total reaches RM58

    *Dear East Malaysia buyers, kindly contact 0103881991 to inquire about the current free shipping rates due to fluctuations in the shipping fees.

    How do I know my items have been shipped? 
    Due to all products are freshly made by professional Sifu, hence it is worth the wait. Normally It won’t takes no more than 3-6 days to process and packing and courier to you.

    Once our team start to process your order, you will receive either an email or sms with your tracking number. 

    Can I do COD?

    Yes, we can. The currently area to do the COD is only available in Alor Setar area. If you are interested to do the COD, please directly contact our service department (0103881991) during working hours, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm


    Are the Fu nuts been baked & roasted?

    Yes, they are. In fact, they are roasted by professional Sifu, that’s why they taste INSANELY fresh and Satisfying crunchy.

    What is the best way to store my snacks?

    -For Healthy Nuts Series

    Once Opened : store in an air tight container at room temperature.

    Sealed Condition: store at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat.

    -For Ginger Molasses Cubes Series

    Due to no preservative added, Highly recommend to store in a refrigerator to last longer.

    Other Question

    Do you have a physical shop that I can walk-in?
    Sorry, we do not have any retail shops. All of our products are sold online. 

    Can I pick up my order at Fu Kitchen office?
    We can arrange that if necessary, please contact our service department for more info.

    I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ, what do I do? 
    Please email us gamsales2@gmail.com or sms 0103881991

    Please allow 24-48 hours (not including public holidays and weekends) for us to get back to you. Our working hours is Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm. 

    Does Fu Kitchen have a Halal Cert?

    Yes, we are defintely Halal certified😊 All of our products are not only followed halal advised, but also alcohol free and pork free. We have also acquired MeSTI Certificate from Ministry of Health Malaysia to certify that our food snacks are safe to eat.

    I want to purchase it as a gift for my family and friends and would like to add a greeting card. How do I go about it?
    You may contact our service department after you have placed the order. We can arrange for you. 

    What should I do, if my purchased order items are missing, damaged or wrongly packed?
    Please drop us an email at gamsales2@gmail.com or sms us 0103881991 with your order number/delivery order number and a picture of the received items. Our customer service will assist you.