About Our Story


This is the story of how three mates that came to start a food company because of their beliefs.

What’s the shared interest among a nutritional therapist, a home chef and a professional accountant? The answer is “food”.

The three mates deeply believe that food should be nourishing, energizing and fun!

The three founders have been so frustrated with unhealthy food options around them, so one day, they gathered for months and tried out different ideas of food making and recipes and experiments, finally decided to leave their jobs, took the plunge to create a healthier food brand for the community.

In the beginning, they cooked in the home kitchen and created a classic range of ginger molasses, overnight oats and granolas that are still quite relevant today.

Later, due to high demand from customers, they started to combine food items into gift sets and subsequently became a Gourmet Hamper Gift Collection for every festival season.

Today, these mates still work together with a small team of food lovers to produce fresh, delicious and innovative gourmet food items using only the best, real and nutritious ingredients.

The small company has successfully received MeSTI, Halal certification throughout the years and also started to introduce foods to Singapore in Year 2021 and subsequently and hopefully and probably Melbourne Australia in Year 2022.

What a journey! But one thing remains unchanged, that is the founders still deeply believe that food should be nourishing, energizing and fun!


We recognise that good & healthy food is one of the key ingredients for a happy life; thus, our mission is to create marvelous food with real ingredients to  bring joy and empowerment to the community.