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Fu Kitchen Malaysia

Peach Yogurt Cubes (Freeze-Dried) (45g)

Peach Yogurt Cubes (Freeze-Dried) (45g)

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About Peach Yogurt Cube (Freeze-Dried) (45g)

Yogurt comes in many forms, some in a little plastic pot or drink bottle, but hey we've got you the most convenient one & it's so ridiculously yummy 😋 Fu Kitchen has given your favourite fruity probiotic-rich food an upgrade in the form of our Yoghurt Cubes comes with several fruits choices!

A convenient and delicious bite-sized snack made from a blend of fruits and mildly tangy, creamy yoghurt, our Yoghurt Cube is definitely pleasing to the eyes & it's goodfor your gut too!💪

Containing millions probiotics per pack and manufacture with an innovative freeze-drying technique that keep all the natural flavours intact. It's so beautiful❤️

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Yogurt Cubes from Fu Kitchen is a yummy treat that will help to promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut, so no more bloating tummy!

Innovative way to eat yogurt cubes:
Fu Kitchen Yoghurt Cubes aren't just limited to being healthy snacks, we recommend you also use them as a topping for your overnight oats breakfast bowl or blend together and eat with granola bites! 🤤

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This Product:

❌ Artificial additive

❌ No trans fat

✅ Gluten free

 All yogurt cubes come with 6 packs only, it's a limited time sale, shop now before it's too late! 🔥🔥🔥

Yoghurt, Mango

Nutrition Label:

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