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Fu Christmas Gift Advance

Fu Christmas Gift Advance

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Shop for Christmas Gifts 🎁is tough....Waste No Time! 

We've prepared a Beautifully Handcrafted & Nutritiously Delicious Christmas Gift for your love ones, buy & celebrate 🎉 with them.


Fu Christmas Gift Advance

What's inside Fu Christmas Gift Advance?  

  • 💝 Fruity Nutty Granola Oat-Nougat Bites (60gm) X 1 Pack
  • 💝 Granola Oat-Nougat With Goji & Jujube (60gm) X 1 Pack
  • 💝 Granola Oat-Nougat Bites With Chocolate & Banana (60gm)  X 1 Pack
  • 💝 Granola Oat-Nougat Bites With Coffee & Walnuts (60gm)  X 1 Pack
  • 💝 Granola Oat-Nougat Bites With Green Tea (60gm)  X 1 Pack *New Item 😋
  • 💝 FREE Ribbons & FREE Gift Tag

***Good News! Spend over RM58 in total on any item, you will AUTOMATICALLY:

  • FREE Shipping ! West Malaysia Only. 

This Product: 

  • Handmade by SiFu (Professional Chef)
  • Have attained quality and hygiene assurance certificates
  • Made By Natural Ingredients WITHOUT Alcohol, Muslim Friendly

osmanthus molasses nutrition

The Christmas Gift Sets are limited in numbers, while stocks last! 

Fu Christmas Gift Advance
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