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The Addiction To Salted Egg

The Salted Egg Yolk Craze

Mind you, if you are here reading to this article, it probably means that you are like me who've succumbed to the salted egg yolk craze. :P

The fact is, most of the people loving salted egg. Again, if you are here, then you are probably the one too...

Salted egg to me can be considered as one of the craziest Chinese cuisine that has ever invented – let me just provide you with some of the example such as salted egg yolk prawns, squid, chicken…and salted egg yolk fish skin and also salted egg mixed nuts.

If you know how to cook, actually it is not that difficult to create a salted egg related cuisine. All you need to do is to buy salted egg yolk powder from the general store....

Well, the taste might not be authentic, you gotta know that after all salted egg yolk powder is not fresh and it's probably mixed with some other ingredients and we all know that.

If you are an extreme foodie like me, i tend not to eat anything from powder-only; especially not salted egg yolk powder. Nevertheless, if you just want to hop on this salted egg craze, well, you can always get many salted egg related snacks such as potato or corn chips , even cheese and dips around.

However, in this article, i would highly recommend to go try genuine salted egg mixed nuts. Because it tends to be more healthier choice for mixed nuts than potato chips or corn chips. Of course, I would recommend the one in the below from Fu Kitchen Malaysia. 

Not only Fu Kitchen has produced all of their items using REAL & fresh ingredients, for this mixed nuts, they used REAL salted egg yolk inside, their mixed nuts were a result of SiFu's hand roasted and coated with salted egg yolk, definitely yummy! 

Fu Kitchen salted egg mixed nuts following a low carb healthy lifestyle, the combination of Cashew Nuts, Almond, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds & the most important REAL salted egg yolk inside :-)

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