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Fu Kitchen Malaysia

Gingery Red Christmas Cast Iron Gift Box

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Gingery Red Christmas Cast Iron Gift Box

 What's inside Gingery Red Christmas Cast Iron Gift Box?  

  • Total Ginger & Molasses X 10 pcs per box
  • ♨️Flavours including:
  • ✅Original Bentong Ginger X 2pcs 
  • ✅Rose Ginger X 1 
  • ✅Lemongrass Ginger X 1
  • ✅Jujube Ginger X 1 
  • ✅Rose Melon Molasses X 1
  • ✅Jujube Dates Melon Molasses X 1
  • ✅Osmenthus Melon Molasses X 1
  • ✅Lavender Melon Molasses X 1
  • ✅Winter Melon Molasses X 1
  • 💌FREE Personalized Christmas Theme Wishing Card.
  • 👨‍🍳All ginger & molasses  are chef-made. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • 🎄Cast Iron Christmas Theme Box  

 Why Buy This Gift Set?

  • ♨️Healthy Choice For Overall Well Being

  • ♨️Special Health Gift Set For Everyone 

  • ♨️ No Preservatives & Chef Made 

  • 100 Sets Only ***While Stocks Last!!!

  • ⚠️Too Early? No, buy now you can enjoy 🐤 Early Bird Discount (use this code: CMASINNOV22 before due date  to enjoy additional RM2.00).
  • You can "buy now and tell us to send later" according to your plan, just leave a note for us after you place the order. 

⚠️FREE Gift From Us!

Spend at least RM80 (must have at least one Chrismas item and can combine with other category) to recieve one Limited Christmas Cookies Tin Jar for FREE! * Only 200 units left. 

cookies tin jar

Why Bulk Buying?

  • If you plan to buy 10 sets or more, please text us 0103881991 for further discount!

    This Product: 

    • Handmade by SiFu (Professional Chef)
    • Halal & Mesti Certificates
    • Have attained other quality and hygiene assurance certificates
    • Made By Natural Ingredients WITHOUT Alcohol, Muslim Friendly